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Help create a browsing book for Brightlingsea Museum

We know that women worked in the Brightlingsea fish yards, but they will also have worked in the various factories (clothing and electronic factories such as Astrolux) and may have been involved in the WWII shipyards. We’d like to find out more and tell these stories.

We know of some prominent Brightlingsea women such as Josephine Cullen, Barbara Stephens and Jacque Collyer-Smith and we’d like to celebrate them.

The museum was lucky to have acquired a medal given to Brightlingsea woman Clara Gosling- the only woman to be celebrated on the towns’ war memorial - and it would be great to find out more about her. Other Brightlingsea women who served in WWI and WWII include Helen King who was part of the WAAC and Margaret Bragg, a member of the WRNS- can you help us find out more?

What's involved?

Choose one area or person to research (or more if you are really keen) and let us know what this is by emailing and Margaret Stone 

This will  put you in touch with the museum who will arrange for you to look at what they have behind the scenes. While you are waiting for this (they are pretty busy putting the new museum together, so it may take a short time) we’d encourage you to visit the Essex record Office and look at the resources there. The project will cover any travel costs.

Why get involved?

You will get the opportunity to see how a new museum space is put together and will make a great contribution to celebrating the achievements of Essex women.

How to get involved?

1. Sign in or sign up to an account

2. Accept the challenge

3. Email and  Margaret Stone to let us know what or who you'd like to research 

Ideal Skills

  • Research
  • Working independently

Ideal Interest

  • Curatorial/Working with Museum Collection

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