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Disabled Women's Stories: Oral History Interviewer

We are working with our STS ambassador Nina Tame on a project to collect the stories of Disabled women in Essex. We are collecting these stories to preserve them, so they stand as a record of the experiences of Disabled women in Essex at this time. Some of these stories may be used in an exhibition at the end of the project.

We are looking for volunteers to become oral history interviewers for the project. You will be given training in oral history (online), which will take you through tips on how to conduct interviews and provide you with the skills needs to conduct a successful recording, as well and teach you how to use the equipment (which will be provided by STS).

Depending on your situation and that of the people you interview (along with goverment restrictions) you may conduct interviews online or in person.

We are looking for oral history volunteers with knowledge and experience of the subject matter.

What's involved?

We will need you to take part in oral history training. The first date for the online training is Wednesday 28 April at 1pm for 2 hours.

We would like the volunteers to conduct oral history interviews between May and August. Specific times and locations can be flexible.

We would like each volunteer to conduct 8 interviews minimum each so please keep this in mind before you sign up.

Why get involved?

These stories needed to preserved, heard, and celebrated. Learn new skills, meet knew people, and be a part of Snapping the Stiletto: Campaigning for Equality.

How to get involved?

Get involved by accepting this challenge, or getting in touch directly to

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