Hour or Two

Stiletto Wikipedians

Our researchers have brought together a lot of information about different women from around Essex. We are now looking for volunteers to put this information onto the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, either to write new articles or update existing ones.

What's involved?

Seelct a theme or individual from our list and email us saying what  or who you are interested in and we will send you information uncovered by our voluteers. Where a Wikipedia entry exists please check it and edit it to add new information. If no entry exists please create one. We'll make sure any images sent have the right credits for you to use.


Why get involved?

Only 18% of biographical articles on Wikipedia are about women. By volunteering as a Stiletto Wikipedian, you will help get this information out to a wider audience, give a longer-term legacy to our project and help address this gender imbalance.

How to get involved?

1 Sign into your account or create an acount

2  Accept the challenge

3 You will recieve an email with a list of themes and people, please look through these and visit our website snappingthestiletto.com where some of these have been the subject of blog posts. Let us know what you'd like to work on and we'll send you information and images.

Ideal Skills

  • Social Media
  • How to write for Wikipedia

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