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Discover Chelmsford's Land Army

The Combined Military Services Museum has some items from women who served in the Land Army in Chelmsford during WWII. They’d love to find out more about the women who wore them and what they did.


What's involved?

Can you help us by visiting the Essex Record Office and see if there are any records of land use by the Land Army in Chelmsford? What did the Land Army do in Chelmsford?

We'd also like to find out more about who wore a uniform the museum has? It may have belonged either to a Mrs Grooves or a Miss Bartlett. Some Land Army records are held at the National Archives but it’s very hard to access the right record without a few more details so the first task will be to see if we can find out more about these women.

We’d also like to find out  more about the arm bands and badges which include a 4 Kings Crown 4 year service and a Queen’s crown 8 years of service.

A good start for lots of this would be Dee Gordon’s book ‘Essex Land Girls’ which is available in lots of Essex libraries.

Why get involved?

It can be quite hard to discover the names and records of Land Army girls and this will help us to celebrate the achievements of some individual Essex women who were  part of this team working to keep everyone fed during WWII.

How to get involved?

1. Sign in or sign up for an account

2. Accept the challenge

3. We'll send you some more details and ask you to let us know which part of the research you'd like to take on

Ideal Skill

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