Give a Day


Giving a day will open up wonderful opportunities.


Challenge 1

Uncover the Life of Josephine Culling from Brightlingsea

We are looking for more information about Josephine Culling, the first female Chair of Brightlingsea Urban District Council, former teacher and National Bowls Champion.

Challenge 2

Uncover the Lives of Brightlingsea Fish Yard Workers

We are looking for more information about women who worked at the Brightlingsea Fish Yards between 1918 and 1939.

Challenge 3

Colchester Carnival Procession

We are looking for at least 11 volunteers to join us in the procession at Colchester Carnival on September 14th. As we are celebrating 100 years of strong Essex Women we’d like to represent each decade starting with a suffragette to represent some women

Challenge 4

Discover Chelmsford's Land Army

The Combined Military Services Museum has some items from women who served in the Land Army in Chelmsford during WWII. They’d love to find out more about the women who wore them and what they did.

Challenge 5

Festival and event volunteer

Over the summer and autumn we will be taking a stand out to festivals and events and are looking for volunteers to help with this.