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The First Female Firearms Officers

Could you help us find a picture of the first female firearms officers in the country? The first female firearms officers were from Essex Police, but despite having a large collection, the Essex Police Museum have no photos of the team! We have a cartoon in our collection by Giles which was published in the Express and we'd like to uncover more reporting of the team to help us tell this story.

We know that there was a huge media interest in the training course, with some photos taken – we need your help to find some of this coverage!

What's involved?

The course took place in April 1977 but some of the team remember interest carrying on until 1979. We'd love people to access newspaper archives of local Essex Press as well as national newspapers to see if you can find some of this extensive reporting. Newspaper archives can be accessed at the Essex Record Office and many libraries.


Why get involved?

As well as offering a fascinating insight into the development of the female police officer role, you’ll also be helping our museum to expand on this important story.  

How to get involved?

Step 1: Sign into your account or sign up

Step 2: Accept the challenge

Step 3: You'll be sent more details about the story and asked to send us links to anything you find

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