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Find Old Girls for Woodford County High School

Redbridge Museum is helping Woodford County High School to celebrate its centenary in 2019. Help is sought to research the school’s first graduates who went on to attended university in the 1920s.

In 1920 only 4357 people gained degrees and of these 1212 were women. Help Redbridge Museum uncover the stories of the girls from Woodford County High School.

What's involved?

Using a variety of sources including websites and local newspapers, researchers will seek to uncover some of the Woodford County High School alumni.

Find out who were these ‘Old Girls’? What did they go on to do? Investigate how life has differed for young women in the past 100 years. 

Why get involved?

This is a chance to develop family history research skills and delve into the stories of local women. 

How to get involved?

Step 1: Sign into your account or sign up     

Step 2: Accept the challenge

Step 3: Await a response from the team who will be in touch with more information

Ideal Skill

  • Research

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