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Uncover Katherine Mina Courtauld’s involvement in the Suffragette Movement.

A chance to uncover the hidden history of Katherine Mina who was Secretary of NW Essex branch of National Union of Women's Suffrage Society.

What's involved?

Visit Essex Record Office and search for information on Katherine Mina Courtauld. In particular, search the newspaper archives for local articles and references to her and the NW Essex branch of the NUWSS from 1910 onward.

Why get involved?

Katherine Mina’s support for the suffrage movement was clear in 1911. When the census was collated she was hosting Alice Geraldine Cooke, a Woman’s Suffrage Organiser with the National Union Woman’s Suffrage Society. At the bottom of the page in red she wrote,    “As a householder & ratepayer I deeply resent being denied the privilege of a citizen in the exercise of the parliamentary franchise “

To date her story has not been told to inspire others, Braintree District Museum plans to support raising awareness and telling her story over the next year. The Courtauld family is a well know name, little is known of the female members of the family and the influential role they played as pioneers in female emancipation. Several members of the family signed the 1866 petition for the Enfranchisement of Women, Samuel Courtauld was one of three founding male shareholder for the English Woman’s Journal and was a member of Manchester Women’s Suffrage. Their contribution to the suffrage movement and social reformers is significant and Katherine Mina continued this with her role as Secretary of the NW Essex Branch.

How to get involved?

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Step 3: Viist the Essex Record Office to search for information and email Claire Willetts  at Braintree Musuem with anything that you uncover

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